M. Robert “Kirby” Kirby


Robert "Kirby" was born in Nolomis Saskatchewan on May 28th, 1940. He graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Manitoba. He then went on to study at the Massachusetts institute of Technology, receiving a Masters of Architecture in 1970.

While working with the Winnipeg firm of Waisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmor Hanna (now Number Ten Architectural Group) Kirby served as Lead Designer on the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, a notable work of Canadian Brutalist architecture. He played an important role in the design of the building although he had only recently graduated.

He was known by the moniker "Kirby" and many working closely with him did not know his real first name.

Kirby later taught at the University of Calgary program in Environmental Design, assuming Directorship of the school’s Architecture Program in the 1980s. Kirby was involved with the creation of Calgary’s Placemakers organization.

He died in Calgary Alberta on February 2nd, 2024.