Ross Avenue Condominiums

Address:422 Ross Avenue
Architects:5468796 Architecture

More Information

Ross Avenue Condominiums provides ten family-sized dwellings for the Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC), a non-profit organization committed to developing safe, attainable and energy efficient homes for low income families. Through consultation with community groups and the WHRC, the team selected a courtyard arrangement for its ability to address safety and security while contributing to a strong sense of community.

Designed to R2000 standards, the final design consists of stackable one and two-storey units arranged around a central courtyard, where children can play under the watchful eye of their parents and neighbours. Everyone enters their home from this shared space, ensuring that it remains active at all times of day. Ground level decks and second floor balconies provide eyes on all sides of the building.

In order to meet the budget and schedule, the design uses typical residential construction materials and installation methods. All of the roofs consist of standard, repeatable wood truss assemblies. Variety is introduced with an atypical roof angle that is randomly rotated on each house block. The playfulness of the peaked roofs and the varied colour a small village atmosphere within the larger neighbourhood palette help emphasize individuality and create a small village atmosphere within the larger neighbourhood