Julius "Roy" Izen

  • J. Roy Izen, Architect (1997-1999), Principal. Public Works and Government Services Canada/Real Property Services (1991-1997), Chief, Architectural Services. Public Works and Government Services Canada/Building Product Sector (1989-1991), Chief Design Architect. Department of National Defense, Air Command Headquarters (1984-1989), Design Architect. MMP Architects (1973-1983), Senior Design Associate. IKOY Partnership (1970-1973), Senior Partner (founding). Libling Michener and Associates (aka LM Architects) (1966-1970?), Project Designer/Architect. Waisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmor Hanna (aka Number TEN Architectural Group) (1967), Project Designer/Architect. Blankstein Coop Gillmor & Hanna (1960-1961, 1963-1964), Project Designer/Architect. Salzberg & LeBlanc, Boston, Mass. (1962-1963), Project Designer/Architect.
  • 1936–2024
  • Masters of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Graduate Studies. Bachelor of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture (1960).


Julius Roy Izen was born July 10, 1936 and raised in Winnipeg. Izen graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture in 1960 and continued his studies with a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this period, he was employed at Boston firm Salzberg & Le Blanc.

Upon his return to Winnipeg, he was employed by local firms Blankstein, Coop, Gillmore & Hanna, Weisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmore Hanna (later known as Number TEN Architectural Group), and Libling Michener and Associates (later known as LM Architects) as a project designer/architect.

Izen was a founding partner at IKOY. After colleagues Ron Keenberg, Stan Osaka, and Jim Yamashita earned an honourable mention for their entry in a national design competition for the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1968, Izen joined the group to found the new firm, IKOY Architechs. IKOY drew its moniker from the names of its principle designers: Roy Izen (I), Keenberg (K), Stan Osaka (O) and Yamashita (Y). During his time at IKOY, Izen worked on projects including the UMSU Building on the University of Manitoba campus (overall design, 1969) and the Hampton Green apartment complex.

After leaving IKOY, Izen worked with MMP Architects (Senior Design Associate, 1973-1983); Department of National Defense (Design Architect, 1984-1989); Public Works and Government Services Canada/Building Product Sector (Chief Design Architect, 1989-1991); Public Works and Government Services Canada/Real Property Services (Chief, Architectural Services, 1991-1997). In 1997, he opened his own office, J. Roy Izen (Principal Architect, 1997-1999).

In addition to displaying his creativity through his work in architecture, Izen’s eccentric and dynamic art style was captured in his sketches and collages, reflecting his humour and interest in popular culture. Izen also contributed to set design on Royal Winnipeg Ballet productions (ca. 1960s).

Izen married Ann Barbara Galpern in April, 1961. The couple had three sons, Michael, Jon, and Steve. Roy Izen relocated to Richmond, B.C after his retirement in 1999. In 2016, the family collaborated on a book to raise awareness of the importance of prostate exams, following Michael’s Stage IV prostate cancer diagnosis.

Roy Izen died on January 26th,2024.


  • Revenue Office Building – 325 Broadway (1993-1994), Public Works. Total Retrofit.
  • Customs Examining Building office renovation – 145 McDermot Avenue (1992). Heritage Award/Total Retrofit.
  • MacDonald Building office renovations – 344 Edmonton Street (1990), Public Works. Total Retrofit.
  • Main Post Office, Pedestrian Walkway – 245 Graham Avenue (1989-1990). Renovation.
  • Fort Garry Place condominiums – 85 Garry Street (1987-1988). Conceptual Design.
  • Canadian German Society – 595 Mountain Avenue (1986). Conceptual Design.
  • Ivan Franko Manor – 200 McGregor Street (1984) MMP. Preliminary Design.
  • Great West Life II - 100 Osborne Street (1983), Smith Carter. Elevation Study.
  • National Research Council – 435 Ellice Ave (1983), Green Blankstein Russell? Conceptual Design.
  • Salvation Army Men’s Hostel – 180 Henry Ave (1983), MMP. Conceptual Design.
  • Grant Park Shopping Centre – 1120 Grant Ave (1983). Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design.
  • CBC Broadcasting Centre – 541 Portage Avenue (1982). Schematic Design.
  • 300 Tuxedo apartments (1982). Preliminary Design.
  • Niakwa Golf Course condos, MMP (1982). Conceptual Design.
  • Fort Garry Hotel – 85 Garry St (1982). Expansion Study – Conceptual Design.
  • Westmount Shopping Centre, Edmonton (1981). Conceptual Design.
  • Beaver Run Condominium Ski Resort amenity area, Breckenridge, C.O. (1981). Overall Design.
  • W.M. Ward Technical Services Laboratory – 745 Logan Ave (1980). Overall Design
  • R.C.M.P “D” Division Headquarters – 1091 Portage Ave (1979), MMP. Overall Design
  • Imperial Broadway Tower - 363 Broadway (1975-1977), Libling Michener and Associates. Preliminary Design.
  • Flin Flon Civic Centre offices. MMP (1975). Conceptual Design.
  • Arms of the Cross – 555 Burnell Street (1975). Conceptual Design.
  • Bestlands building – 191 Pioneer Ave (1974-1975), MMP. Overall Design.
  • Ceridian building (formerly Assiniboine Credit Union) – 125 Garry St. (1974-1975), MMP. Overall Design.
  • Red River Community College Building “J,” MMP (1974) . Overall Design.
  • Seniors Housing - 185 Smith Street (1973). Overall Design.
  • 101 Marion Street (1972-1974), MMP.
  • Fred Tipping Place – 601 Osborne Street (1972-1974), MMP.
  • Medical Arts building – 233 Kennedy St (1972-1974), MMP. Elevation and P.C. Panel Study.
  • Mercantile Bank building – 305 Broadway (1972), MMP. Conceptual Design, Massing, Elevations.
  • Steinbach Regional Comprehensive, MMP (ca. 1971). Overall Design.
  • Victoria Press office and plant, Vancouver (ca. 1970). Preliminary Design
  • Viscount Gort Motor Hotel addition – 1670 Portage Avenue (ca. 1970s). Conceptual Design.
  • Lions Manor #1 – 320 Sherbrook Avenue (1970), Number 10 Architectural Group. Concept Design.
  • Hampton Green apartments – 323 Wellington Cres (1970), IKOY. Overall Design.
  • UMSU Student Centre interiors – 65 Chancellor’s Circle, IKOY. Overall Design.
  • UMSU Student Centre – 65 Chancellor’s Circle (1969), Number TEN. Overall Design.
  • Flin Flon Airport Terminal (1968). Conceptual Design.
  • University of Manitoba Swimming Pool – 65 Dafoe Road (1964-1965), Waisman, Ross, Blankstein, Coop, Gillmor, Hanna. Project Architect.
  • Peguis Pavilion (formerly Kildonan Park Pavilion) – 2015 Main Street (1964-1965), Number TEN Architectural Group. Project Designer.
  • Worker’s Comp. Board (formerly Monarch Life Assurance) – 333 Broadway (1960-1961), Smith Carter Seale Associates. Development Study Conceptual Design.
  • Undated projects:
  • Sanitorium Board of Manitoba office – 800 Sherbrook St. Overall Design.
  • C.N.I.B. office – 1080 Portage Ave., MMP. Renovation Feasibility Study (old building) and Conceptual Design Study (new building).
  • Freshwater Fish Marketing office – 1199 Plessis Ave. Overall Design.
  • Edmonton Sun office and plant, Edmonton. Conceptual Design
  • Winnipeg Photo office and plant. Conceptual Design
  • United Way Headquarters office. Conceptual Design.
  • Waisman Ross & Associates office - 10 Donald Street. Conceptual Design.
  • Flin Flon City Hall. Conceptual Design.
  • Provincial Courthouse, Thunder Bay. Conceptual Design.
  • DAON Condo office, Spokane, WA. Conceptual Design.
  • Highfield Condo office, Edmonton. Conceptual Design.
  • Sargent Construction office. Preliminary Design.
  • Budd Tremco Building. Conceptual Design.
  • Shell Station prototype. Conceptual Design.
  • 7-Up Bottling plant, Vancouver. Overall Design.
  • Grain Exchange Building renovation – 303 Main Street. Conceptual Design.
  • Niakwa Motor Hotel addition. Conceptual Design.
  • North Star Inn. Initial proposal. Conceptual Design.
  • Winkler Motor Inn addition, Winkler. Conceptual Design.
  • Driftwood Motel addition, Selkirk, MMP. Conceptual Design.
  • Howard Johnson Motor Hotel. Conceptual Design.
  • St. Charles Golf & Country Club clubhouse. Conceptual Design.
  • Niakwa Golf & Country Club clubhouse. Conceptual Design.
  • Neepawa Golf & Country Club clubhouse, Neepawa. Conceptual Design.
  • Breezy Bend Golf & Country Club clubhouse. Conceptual Design.
  • Shriner’s Recreation Centre. Conceptual Design.
  • Winnipeg Stadium. Phase One Conceptual Design.
  • Beaver Run Ski Lift renovation, Breckenridge, CO. Elevations.
  • Steinbach Regional Comprehensive swimming pool. Concept Design.
  • J.H. Bruns Collegiate. Overall Design.
  • French Language School. Overall Design.
  • Westdale High School. Conceptual Design.
  • University of Manitoba St. John’s College. Conceptual Design.
  • University of Manitoba Pharmacy Building. Project Architect.
  • Red River Community College. Initial Massing Studies.
  • Reston Personal Care Home. Conceptual Design.
  • Elkhorn Personal Care Home. Conceptual Design.
  • Selkirk Mental Health Hospital renovation/feasibility study. Conceptual Design.
  • Snow Lake General Hospital. Preliminary Design.
  • Misericordia General Hospital. Massing Studies and Elevations.
  • Gimli District Recreation Centre, MMP.
  • St. Charles Golf Course condos. Conceptual Design.
  • Neepawa Elderly Persons Housing. Conceptual Design.
  • Opus 2 Development, Minnetonka, MN.
  • Whiteshell Resort Development. Conceptual Design.
  • Environment Canada Weather Station Complex, Mould Bay NWT.
  • Environment Canada Ozone Research Laboratory, Eureka.
  • Main YMCA Building – Exterior Massing & Elevations.


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