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Promotional poster for the Red Corridor.

The Red Corridor

21 March 2024 at 12:00 pm

101-177 Lombard Avenue



Plays with NIX: An Art and Design Collaboration by Wanda Koop and Thom Fougere.

Directed by Davide Rapp
2023, Italy, 23 minutes, Italian (with English subtitles)
Canadian Premiere

“Il Corridoio Rosso” is a tale of two corridors, one a copy of the other. One corridor is that of the installation curated by Giovanni Agosti and Jacopo Stoppa at the Triennale di Milano for the 23rd International Exhibition “Unknown Unknowns”: the visitor crosses it to access four mysterious rooms inspired by natural elements. The other corridor is that of Agosti’s own home, a place saturated with books, paintings and objects that contains—conceals—clues, traces and memories of a lifetime. Fiction and reality blur in a dual exploration that leaves unresolved the mystery of what is hidden at the end of the corridor.

Sponsored by Exchange District BIZ.


101-177 Lombard Avenue is wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible and gender neutral washroom on site.

The main entrance to the building on Lombard Avenue has a ramp. When you enter the building, the WAF office is located on the main floor to the left.

There is one accessible parking spot (1 hour) across the street from 177 Lombard and another accessible parking spot (2 hour) in front of 167 Lombard. City of Winnipeg parking fees may apply.