Verne Reimer

  • Baumeister Design, MMP Architects, Green Blankstein Russell, Stantec Architecture, Verne Reimer Architecture
  • 1954–present
  • B.E.S. (1975) M.Arch. (1979) MRAIC, OAA, SAA, AAA , MMAA (1985)


In 1975, Verne Reimer graduated form the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences. He completed his Master of Architecture at the University of Manitoba in 1979. He served as Principal, Baumeister Design, Winkler, Morden, and Winnipeg, from 1975 to 1992; Associate and Senior Designer MPP Architects, Winnipeg, 1981 to 1986; Design Leader, Principal and Managing Partner, Green Blankstein Russell and Associates (GBR), Winnipeg, 1986 to 2004; Design Leader, Principal and Managing Partner, Stantec Architecture, Winnipeg, 2004 to 2009; and, Design Leader, founder, Principal and Managing Partner, Verne Reimer Architecture, Winnipeg 2009 to present.

He served as President of the Manitoba Association of Architects from 2016 to 2017.


  • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, 2000 Wellington Avenue
  • Winnipeg Hydro Substation No. 2, 300 McPhillips Street
  • University of Manitoba Agriculture Building Addition, 66 Dafoe Road
  • Asper Jewish Community Campus & Gray Academy of Jewish Education, 123 Doncaster Street
  • Sky Waterfront Condominiums, 340 Waterfront Drive