Winakwa Community Centre

Address:980 Winakwa Road
Use:Community Centre
Other Work:1969
Architects:Gaboury Lussier Sigurdson Architects
Contractors:Triple “L” Construction

More Information

On May 26, 1958, St. Boniface City Council approved a request by the Public Utility board to acquire land for a community centre in the Windsor Park area. The date of construction for the original building is unclear but was likely during or shortly before 1961. In 1966, the municipality decided to build a sports complex just north of Elizabeth Road, rather than add on to the existing Winakwa Community Centre. Windsor Park residents, accompanied by students from Windsor Park Collegiate, protested the decision. They cited inaccessibility by pedestrians and poor bus service as concerns. The price tag of the location was another source of frustration, as the city would have to buy the 14-acre lot on Maginot Road for $21,000, while the original location at Speers Road and Bibeau Road was already owned by the city. Residents accused the council of being pressured by Ladco to buy the lot from the company.

An addition was designed for the Winakwa Community Centre in 1969 by Gaboury Lussier Sigurdson Architects and contracted to Triple “L” Construction.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Windsor Park