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Writing on the Wall – Film Screening

23 November 2023 at 12:00 pm

101-177 Lombard Avenue


Join the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation for a screening of Writing on the Wall, a film produced by Handcraft Creative, Winnipeg

Winnipeg has one of the largest and most well preserved collections of hand painted signs in North America.

Our downtown core is covered with advertisements and store signs from years gone by that were painstakingly hand painted by highly skilled artists. While ads, store signs, and billboards certainly have changed since the turn of the century, the artform is still kept alive by a few individuals and its history is captured on the sides of buildings and signs we pass each day, often without noticing.

WAF’s 2023 programming was made possible with support from the Winnipeg Foundation, City of Winnipeg, and the Province of Manitoba.

101-177 Lombard Avenue is wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible and gender neutral washroom on site.

The main entrance to the building on Lombard Avenue has a ramp. When you enter the building, the WAF office is located on the main floor to the left.

There is one accessible parking spot (1 hour) across the street from 177 Lombard and another accessible parking spot (2 hour) in front of 167 Lombard. City of Winnipeg parking fees may apply.